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Mark your calendar for 5th Reunion
Our 5th Keren High Schools reunion is scheduled to be on July 29, 30, and 31, 2016. Every one of us is invited to attend this reunion where we can revisit the love of our childhood. For this celebration, your ideas and suggestions are very vital, and we have a successful reunion without your participation. Starting now, let's look ahead and give input.


A Taste of Hollywood at the 4th Keren High School Reunion! 
By: Bahlibi Tekle & Hassen Ferej 

They say it’s always sunny in California, so what better place to host the 4th Keren High School reunion than Los Angeles! The beautiful Keren-like weather of La Mirada gave everyone great comfort throughout the three-day conference. We’re happy to share that the event was a great success and beyond our expectations and good job for the collective work on the standing committee and well done for the Los Angels members with the leadership of Kibra Ghebre and Dr. Woldemariam. Read More

Mr. Mrs. Hugh's Letter to 4th Reunion
Words to the people of Keren, Eritrea and surrounding villages. From Marty and Deacon Hugh Downey.
Times change. Generations pass. Lives become lost. People live for today and hope for tomorrow. But some things never change and some times are never forgotten. Such is the case with our lives.We lived the most meaningful and important part of our lives with you in the Keren area. We can never forget that, and will carry the memories of those days to our graves – whether they were good or bad....  Read More 

Chairman’s 4th Reunion Speech
August 16, 2014
Honored Mr. Mahmud Kanoni and Honored Guests,
In behalf of the organizing committee, it is my pleasure to say thank you for coming from all around the world to celebrate our 4th Keren High Schools Reunion. Read More  

Mr. Hugh's Reflection of KHS 3rd Reunion (7/13/12)

In my entire life I have never been affirmed and appreciated as much as you good Keren people were to Marty and me. I have been just overwhelmed with a joyful feeling of goodwill between you native born Eritreans and me, an adopted Eritrean. Read More

Dear brothers and old friends Keren High School reunion. I would like to congratulate U on the occasion of holding your 3rd reunion on the 6th of July, 2012 in Washington DC.
I hope U had spent nice time with your old friends who attended the reunion from all over the world. I hoped to join U ,but....Anyhow, I'm very happy to hear that all Kerenites in abroad are united. I hope all wlad keren in other countries have reunion as yours
Yusuf Alf

3rd Reunion, Chairman's Speech

Honored Guests, Dear brothers and sisters, precious sons and daughters, I am extremely happy to stand her in front of you and go back 40 years to remember my years at Keren High School. Hello DEKI KEREN TSA’EDA. You are from a place of love, friendship, tolerance, and peaceful coexistence. You are the envy of the world.  Before I go deeper in my speech, allow me to present to you the preparatory committee for the historic 3rd Keren High School. Read More...

It was the BEST
By Semira O.
July 10, 2012
Aselam wo’alekum!! I just made it back home safe and of course tired from a long trip of 24 hrs. driving, but it was most rewarding trip I have ever made in my life, and I wished each and every one of you to be there. Read More .

    July 10, 2012 By Adel M

Just came back from the most exciting event. We have a wonderful time and enjoyed every bit of it. I will comment more later on, but I am glad to have met old friends from different corners of the world. I also got the opportunity to put a face on the names of some my favorite KLR contributes. Let me share this picture that I took with two great met of Keren; Ustaz Mahmud Kanoni and Mr Hugh. I also had the extra luxury of meeting up with my childhood friend Ahmed Kanoni.  


3rd Reunion Program

June 22, 2012

Our reunion's preparatory committee has finished all it needed to do to host the best reunion ever. The event is starting on Friday morning, July 6, 2012. Our first focus is going to be on youth and parent relationships, and challenges of youth in the Diaspora. We, the fathers, have a lot to learn from our youths as well as the youths have a lot to learn from us. As first generation immigrants, we went through many hurdles to fit in foreign land, new language, and new culture to make ends meet, and raise our children. Our kids struggled to find their identity, and were torn by two cultures; their parents' culture, and their adapted country’s culture. All this will be spiced with Keren style jokes to entertain everyone.  Read More ...

We are Forging a Venue of Friendship

The Keren High reunion preparatory committee has fine tuning a memorable gathering. This dedicated group of Keren high alumni has put their hearts and souls, to forge a venue of friendship. As result of that, a true bond among former Keren High students, teachers, and friends has been built. People descended fromall over the world.The last two reunions were great and I feel confident this one will be superb. When people with specific bonds show up and appreciate each other’scompany that is theultimate reward. The optimism and good will of all participants will carry the day. See you all there. By WoldeselassieTesfai Omer

Who are our honored guests?
First, in behalf of the KHS preparatory committee, I cordially invite all KLR family to our third reunion in Washington DC this coming July 6 – 8, 2012. Our program is filled with a lot of entertainment. To name some, it will include conference about youth education, parents and youth relationships, youth opportunities, challenges, and experiences. Other events planned are our medical and economical issues and ways to tackle them. All these activities are spiced with different entertainment like jokes, poems, and trivia questions. The program is mostly geared towards laughter and having fun. Come meet your childhood friends and enjoy!!! 
Some of the honored guests are:
1. Mr. Hugh and his wife 
2. Joan Richard ( and hopefully her husband) 
3. Mr. Rajan and his wife

4. Many Kerenites are coming from Europe, Australian, Canada, and of course from all parts of USA. 
Mr. Hugh is not a stranger to Keren and its people; he is the man who did a lot to make Keren a better place. Joan, a Peace Corps volunteer, who was teaching in Keren High School, and got married in Keren in our Keren wedding culture, is very eager to come and meet her students. AZ


All Kerenites are invited to attend our July 6 to 8 third reunion. Our program is filled with a lot of entertainment. To name some, it will include conference about youth education, parents and youth relationships, youth opportunities, challenges, and experiences. Other events planned are our medical and economical issues and ways to tackle them.  All these activities are spiced with different entertainment like jokes, poems, and trivia questions. The program is mostly geared towards laughter and having fun.  Come meet your childhood friends and enjoy!!!

By Joanne Richards (Former Keren High School Peace Corps)

  I joined the Peace Corps in 1966 at the ripe old age of 21, just after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Our three-month training program, which took place in Cambridge, MA, introduced us to the language and customs of our host country, Ethiopia (now Eritrea), and reacquainted us with the history and political science of the U.S. As we prepared for life in a very foreign land, we became a close-knit group. I was posted to Keren (the northernmost of all the towns where volunteers served), but my friends were distributed all over Ethiopia. READ MORE


Welcome to the Keren High School Reunion Web Site

Help Reconnect

Our Keren High School Reunion website www.Sweetkeren.net is fostering a spirit of networking where former Keren students could reflect on their childhood.  We would like to receive your emails and comments.  If you have old pictures, please send them to us, and we will post them. If you have memories of Keren High School that you want to write about, please do so.  We all know that we missed one-another, and by sharing memories, we will be able to stay close and energized.

The Excitement is Intensifying!

The Anticipation is Growing!
July 6, to July 8, 2012 in D.C.
The 3rd Keren High School ReunionIs upon us.
Let The Count Down Begins!
Attendees are encouraged to register
And make their reservation ahead of time.

Keren High School Reunion II of Summer 2010 Alexandria , VA - USA

Keren High school 2010 reunion attracted more than 500 alumni, their families, and friends on July 02, to July 04, 2010. This is the 2nd successful re-union after the last one hosted in Toronto , Canada . Read  More


Ustaz Mahmud Kanoni


Ustaz Mahmud was my favorite principal. Keren High School students have rich memories about their school, thanks to Mr. Kanoni. He worked tirelessly to make sure that every child got quality education when Keren was a war zone. Read More

Articles from 'Outlook Student Newsletter' Published in Late 1960th and Early 1970th. 

Compiled by Yohannes Ferdinando Drar, Ottawa , Canada February 4, 2010

To all former students of Keren high school (Then called Atzie Dawit Secondary), especially graduates of the 60s and 70s, the school had a magazine run by the students. To preserve the memory of our former students, I am trying to collect copies so that people can remember their classmates and friends.  Read More ...

Suzane & Noah 

In behalf of the KHS Preparatory Committee Allow me to say congratulations
We are extremely elated To witness a wedding that was conceived at our reunion

It was a dream come true
To see youths who met at our get-together
And whose family came from Keren Tsada
Got bound in holy matrimony

Speech Delivered by the Chairman of the Preparatory Committee

Thank you all for coming to this historic Second Keren High School Reunion. Thank you honorable guests! Let’s give them a round of applause. Thank you spouses and children for sharing this great day with us; we wouldn’t have done it without you and your support. Please help me in giving them a round of applause. Special thanks go to our youth who volunteered to be part of all the discussion of this reunion. Read More...

Memories of Keren


By: Raj Rajan and Indira Rajan

We were the first teachers to come to Keren from India .  We came in August 1966. That batch of teachers included Mr.Khanna, Mr. Verma and Mr Gurmit Singh. The others came later. When we came there were 5 Peace Corps teachers. Read More ...


Haben Girma
It was a wonderful treat to have Haben Girma as our motivational speaker of our 4th reunion. She is a real hero of our Eritrean community who become an icon and stood to the rights of our disabled. I am so glad to see our little daughter of Keren descent is doing so great. Her speech made everyone of us to think of how we treat our disabled back home; growing up in our beautiful Keren, we were nice people to one another, but we didn’t know how to take care of our disabled. Her speech will help everyone in attendance to reflect into their lives and make change in the way he/she thinks about our community. (Abraha) Read More

Successful 4th Reunion
We had a very successful 4th Keren High Schools reunion. It was a great honor to have Ustaz Mahmud Kanoni among us. We had guests from Sweden, England, Holland, Germany, Canada and USA. There were some who came from Keren who happened to be in USA and managed to attend the reunion. If you were not at the reunion, you missed a lot. We will give details in another time. Stay tuned


Sports History in Keren: Football    (Part I) By Dr. Salah Jimi

Like elsewhere in Eritrea and perhaps in the world, sport activities in Keren primarily conducted at two levels- the town's league and as part of the educational system. There were also strong football competitions at suburbs' (Hillet) level. In this first part, the focus is on the town's football league. The second part will shed light on various sport activities at Keren High School and other schools in the town, encompassing football, Basketball, Volleyball and different types of athletics. The purpose of documenting sport history in Keren is to give it its right place in the Eritrean history. The period of interest in this and the follow-up article is 1970 to 1990.

The people of keren are sport-loving in general but have had great affection for football in particular. The town was endowed with talented footballers like Yohannes Weldezion (Joker) and Ismael Mahmoud who were key players of Asmara/Hamassien team; Aragay G/Ezgabeher, another highly-skilled footballer from Keren played for Emba-soira, the rival team to Asmara team in the 1960s and 1970s. Moreover, Tesfalem G/Meskel, a highly-gifted footballer from Keren represented Ethiopia at the national level to play in the Africa Cup of Nations in Khartoum. A brief history of sport in Keren, narrated by one of the talented footballers of the early 1970s, Tesfagabir Mesgina, spanning over the period late 1960s to early 1970s can be accessed here: www.sweetkeren.net

Also, in early 1980s, one can recall young generation of talented footballers like Desta Embaye, Hashem Ibrahim, Toshome...., Awate Idris, Efrem Kidane, Abdulaziz Idris, Tejar G/Selassie, Idris ...., Kibreab Abraha, Mohmed-Idris Abe, etc. And in the late 1980s, numerous star footballers like Nasir Abdu, Gabsha....,Khalid Ali Idris Nour, Desse...., Hassan Omer Ali Karrar, Yemane Bashay, Yassin Jimi, Menassie Kidane, Abdulahi Musa Hajj, (Tesfalidet & Temesgen Abraha), Mohamed-Saeed, etc. entertained dwellers of Keren. The names of the 1970s and 1980s tell an interesting story- a rich cultural diversity existed back then that has sadly enough been absent in our recent history, including at the 'national' level. It is in this context this article is written- to shed light on the multi-cultural aspect of sport/football history in Keren, and how sport was a unifying factor of the diverse social groups in the town.


Summary of the 3rd High School Reunion
            By Yohana Desta (7/11/12)

The third Keren High School Reunion kicked off last Friday, July 6 at the Hilton Hotel in Alexandria, Va. Hundreds of Kerenites gathered to reunite with old friends, bringing with them guests and family members. 
Friday’s events were all about the youth, with Kibra Ghebre hosting a Youth Conference. Read More ...

My City My life (Keren)

By Awet Aregay

My beloved City Keren,
you are my City,
You are where i come from,
you gave me my family,
you gave me my life.
Read More


Speech by Mr.  Gallaghar (Peace Corps) at 2nd Keren High School Re-Union in Washington , DC , July 3, 2010   

I got myself into this mess by joining the the Peace Corps. I was 21, and had graduated from Monmouth College in New Jersey only five days earlier. Read More

Can You Remember Your Former Peace Corps Teachers?

Here is a list of former Peace Corps teachers who served in Keren , Eritrea . I have collected this information from the Peace Corps website and it might help former students to reminisce their student life in Keren. Read More...

Pictures by Mr. Terry O’Herron

These historic photos were taken by Terry O’Herron, a Peace Corps, who taught in Keren Middle School (1963-64) before Keren High School was found. The boys and the girls were segregated; they had separate classrooms. Do you recognize anyone? Read More 


By Hassen Fereg

A boat docked in a tiny Eritrean fishing village. A tourist complimented the local fishermen on the quality of their fish and enquired on how long it took to make the catch.

“Not very long.” they answered in unison.

“Why didn’t you stay out longer and catch more?” asked the tourist?  Read More...

The Road to Heaven Pass Through the Keren Secondary School Reunion (KSSR)

ByDr. Fickak Habtes, Dr.PA, MHSA, MPH

Hard work pays off:

After two years of preparation through conference calls and brain storming the board of directors for Keren Secondary School Reunion (KSSR) efforts and planning put to test. The hard work to cultivate the best ways and means to bring back old memories, rejuvenate fading friendship and reconnect old classmates’ reunion arrived. Read More...

 Realizing our Dreams
For some of us it has been quite a long time since we attended or graduated from Keren High School . Much in us has changed. Much of the world around us changed but the spirit, memory and nostalgia of the olden days is alive. This has left some of us with the idea of forming a reunion lingering in our minds although no one had voiced this desire for quite some time.



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